Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
IALT: To continue to strive to stay above standard.

IALT: To continue to be an active class member and leader.

Work hard and stay on task.

Always contribute to class discussions if I have a answer.

Put my hand up for leadership roles.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
IALT: Try more types of genre I don’t normally read.

Go to the library and ask for some advice from Mrs Ward.

Multicultural Week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’ 

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I had a henna design on my hand, learnt how to use chopsticks and made a traditional Chinese paper cut, I also learnt lots about Russia and Israel.

 SO WHAT: I learnt that a building in Russia is just made out of wood with no nails. I enjoyed getting henna done on my hand. I was most fascinated by the underground in Russia, it is so pretty.

 NOW WHAT: A question I have is how does the building that has no nails stay standing up on it’s own? Will it fall if someone kicks it.



         WALT: Follow the statistical enquiry cycle and conduct my own investigation


  • 25 people like the colour blue in the Year 6 Hub
  • Only 1 person likes the  colour red in the Year 6 Hub
  • The most popular colour is blue


For the science this term we are learning about the solar system.

So What?
For one of the classes we were learning about the water cycle and ways to conserve water at home. I came up with 
- turn of the tap when not needing it
- not taking to long in the shower

Now What?
I want to learn more about the layers of the earth.

Year 5 Camp

On the 15-16 of November the year 5's had camp at Woodend Christain Camp. It was so fun. In my bunk room was Jordyn, Annabel, Caitlyn, Zara, Dania, Meg, Amber M and Me.

One of the activities I loved was orienteering because we were in the forest and it was so much fun looking for all of the markers hidden around. I also liked team building  because Rima had to work as a team to get everyone over a wall.

On the fist day for dinner we had nachos and for desert brownies and ice-cream. In the morning after a not so good sleep I had toast with marmite in it and for lunch that day we had burgers. Yum Yum.

Literacy Week


This week was literacy week. We did many things such as a dress up day, finding golden tickets, library activities, stop drop and read, stop drop and write, scavenger hunt, guess the teacher and a author called Soraya Nicholas came to visit.

So What? 
My favourite part of Literacy Week was stop drop and read because I love to read and it was a lot of fun.

Kauri Athletics


On Wednesday the Kauri team had our athletics day.

So What?
I came 3rd in the long sprints and the whole day was awesome.

Now What?
Something I want to improve on is my high jump because when I do it I run fast up to the bar then when I am close to it I pause then jump and sometimes knock the bar over.

By Ella

Swimming pool diorama

This is mine and Jordyn's pool diorama for our future school. We want a roof on the changing rooms so when we get changed it is not so cold. We also want an in - ground pool.

Swimming at Starfish swim school


Pool diorama

                             Pool diorama


Me and Jordyn are working on a pool diorama for the future Oaklands school.

So What?
I have enjoyed heaps because it is art and art is my favourite subject of all time.

Now What?
The next thing we are doing is sticking the changing rooms down and maybe putting a roof on them.



I.A.L.T : Improve my swimming skills

For the last two weeks we have been going to Starfish Swim School.

So What?
I have enjoyed it lots and something I learnt was a breaststroke pullout. That is were you are under the water and you do a fly kick and bring your arms down to your side and then do a breaststroke kick up to the surface and then you start swimming. 

Now What?
Something I want to improve on is my butterfly I find it challenging to lift my arms out of the water at the same time.

Word Study

Word Study - Blog 1 term 3

I am learning to understand how words are formed using roots, prefixes and suffixes.

So What?
I have learned that words that have the root hydra- and aqua- mean water. For example

hydrate = to add water or moisture to something to supply something with water.

I have learned that words that have the root spect- mean look / see. For example

respect = to look up to someone ; to honour someone.

Now what?
I feel that I have a good understanding of the root words aqua-, hydra-, and spect-

Habitat art

                                                        Habitat Art

I made this piece of art. It is a forest habitat.

So What?
First I painted the back round. Then drew my animals and collage them there is a endemic animal (Kiwi) a native animal (Hamilton frog) and a introduced animal (Stoat)

Now What?
Something I want to improve on is making my animals better by cutting them out more carefully.

Student led conference

                                Student led conference blog 

I shared my learning at my student led conference.

So What?
I went really well at my student led conference. My writing goal was to use speech marks correctly in my writing. I rated myself a 6/10 because I still need a bit of practice using them.

Now What? 
I want to learn more vocabulary in reading
I want to use paragraphs in every writing I do
I want to improve my 7 and 8 times tables and division in maths

Writing reflection

This week I am reflecting on one of my writing goals

IALT: Improve my writing by learning how to:

* use a variety of sentence starters

This week I have been focusing on how to write a drop-in clause

Here is an example of a drop-in clause

Mr Forman is our teacher.
He loves his red car.
Mr Forman, who is our teacher, loves his red car.

Mr Forman is the subject of the sentence.
We change ‘He’ to ‘who’
We place commas around the clause we ‘drop-in’

Here are two examples of a drop-in clause that I have created.
[1] Ella, who likes to do highland dancing, is awesome.
[2] The monster, who was singing barbie girl,was squeezing his spots.

I rate my understanding level at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
My confidence level with using these types of sentences independently in my writing is

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

My writing goals for term 2

I.A.L.T:    Improve my writing by learning how to;

* organise my writing into paragraphs
* use a variety of sentence starters
* use the correct language features of a narrative dialogue

   Use a variety of sentence starters

    To help me with this goal I am using a 'sentence starter menu'

     It will help my writing to be more interesting and to hook the reader in more.

Term 1 highlights


                              My term 1 highlights 

 My first highlight is the run,bike,run because it was fun and I like running and biking.

 My second highlight is going to the library because I love to read.

 My third highlight is SML because you get to self manage yourself. 

 My fourth highlight is jump-jam because I love to dance. 




Room 24 went swimming every Wednesday and it was a lot of fun.

      So What?

something I learned at swimming is the bulldozer and it is where you hold on to the board and it is very hard because the water is pushing against you

     Now What?

  something I want to improve on is holding the board up in the air because I kept sinking. 


life education

                         Life education with Harold          


Room 24 went to see Harold in the life education van.  Our big question was what does our body need to stay happy and healthy.

   So What?

I learned on the nutritional infomation packaging of foods in the 100gm serving part if it is 10g or lower it is a healthy choice.

I also learned a few songs about sugar salt and fat.

I learned that sugar salt and fat have lots of different names.

  Now What?

I want to learn more about the food pyramid.


Art work with Mrs Boston


     A couple of days ago Mrs Boston came in and did some sun art. 

     So What?

   We had to get a piece of black paper and draw a sun then colour it in with pastels.
     it looked awsome when we finished it.

  Now What?

  A other piece of art  I would like to do is other designs with pastels. 
                              My Reading Goal

      This is the book I am currently reading as part of my reading goal which is to be able to read for longer
         periods of time and retain the meaning.

        So What?

    I like my book because the main character is funny and confident. she is called Alice-Miranda and she is
      seven years old.

   Now What?

  my goal is to also read a variety of genre. this book is an adventure book. the next genre I am going to read is mystery.


                                               Multicultural week


        Last week it was Multicultural week and we celebrated the amazing range of cultures we have here.

        So What?

     we had to paint a flag I did the Scottish flag with Meg after we did the flag we made a poster about

     Now What?

   we are going to be learning more about the different cultures in Room 24 this term, including healthy

Cultural Week - Henna

Today Dania's Mum came in to do some henna. Henna is from lots of different countries. A couple of them are Pakistan and India. I think my henna is pretty.

Recount reflection

Made with "ComicBook!" iPad app

I am learning to use comic book

Made with "ComicBook!" iPad app

Adjectives and nouns

W.A.L.T  add adjectives to nouns

1. The peach, bright and colourful, hang in the tree.
2. The bright, colourful peach hang in the tree.

1. The shoe, brown and ugly, sat in the cupbord.
2. The brown, ugly shoe sat in the cupbord.

emailing to my blog

I am learning to email to my blog